The Endless Lake

Book reviews by children
Author: Erin Hunter
Book Review by: Sahana V
Class: 4

I read book five of the Survivor series. It is called the Endless Lake.

Lucky and his pack were able to defeat an evil dog named Terror and his pack. But the new world still has many dangers and betrayal. Now the pack has come to a strange lake that stretches for miles and never ends! And Lucky finds out that there isn’t inaf food for the pack to survive.

As winter comes, the dogs struggle for food and shelter. The half wolf and half dog alfa of Wild Pack says that his own needs come before the pack! And the Fierce Dogs are ready to destroy the Alfa’s pack once and for all.

Wile Lucky trys his best to keep his friends safe he has terrible visions of something called the ‘Storm of Dogs.’ A terrible battle seems to get closer everyday.And I’m giving a warning! If you read book six, The Storm of the Dogs, there will be a lot of bloodshed as the two packs, the Fierce Dogs and the Wild Pack, fight!

The part I like in the book is that the Wild Pack fight together no matter the danger. I say that kids who like/love animals should read the Survivor series by Erin Hunter.

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