Online Classes!

By Ananya Srinivasan

Wow…It’s amazing! In this year 202O, the great Pandemic occurred. Corona here, Corona there, Corona everywhere.

Due to this pandemic, the government announced the lockdown for nearly 6 months and people were advised to stay inside their homes. So, our school announced that we’ll be having classes online.

I was so excited to hear this. I was eager to attend it. I also liked the idea, not going to school, and learning from home.

We got our schedules containing the timing and the subject teacher’s ID in which we had to join. The first we had two sessions of the same subject. The next week, we got a schedule with four sessions. After a month they made it six sessions with three subjects.

Now, I begin to think of school as we had in the past.

At first I found it very interesting. We could take screen shots of what is being taught, we could clear our doubts in the chat box and so on. After some weeks I was feeling sleepy. I realized that it was because I was spending four hours on the phone for the classes. Not only classes, now, as we didn’t have any notebooks or textbooks, we had to read them on the phone.

After two months, that is, in July, we our books. I was happy to get our textbooks and notebooks. But now, we had to write the notes for the lessons taught in the classwork notebook. SO, every teacher began to send two to three lessons in the form of PDF from which we had to copy. I did not like this!

Now, I begin to think of school as we had in the past. We could enjoy learning there. We had fun with our friends, write and complete the notes on time, we understood the concepts easily. We enjoyed the very tasty food made in the canteen. Wow, those were golden moments!

I wish it would all be the same!

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