If I Never Forever Endeavor

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Book Review Contest 2022
Author & Illustrator: Holly Meade
Book review By: V.S.Shruthi
Class: 3

I like to review the book “If I Never Forever Endeavor” because it gave a spark in my life. So I like to share with you all.

The story is about a small bird, who didn’t know how to fly.

Safe inside the cozy nest, the bird struggles, whether to fly or to be safe. She also has a doubt, what if her wings didn’t work. But then she made up her mind saying ‘If I Never Forever Endeavor’.

She tried with one wing, flap and flutter. But she is scared and said to herself, ‘If I won’t try, there is no flying, no soaring and no friends’. She also worried that she may get lost in the world. Then she made up her mind and started flap, flutter, flap, flutter and finally she flew and enjoys the wind. She got new friends too. At that moment, she is the happiest of all.

The best part I liked is the bird never gives up. She tried, tried and learned to fly. Like that we children have to learn new things that can be scary, but if we try, we can explore many new things that make our life happy and beautiful.

So friends, try, try until you succeed. A beautiful world is waiting for you all.

                                                       Thank you.

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