Hinduism – A Poem

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Hinduism Poem

Author: Anshuman Nagpal
Class: 7

Religion is the guiding source
that shapes humanity
When it is used wisely,
and not as a tool causing a catastrophe.
Of the various religions
that originated from time to time
My pick for today is Hinduism,
without any fine line.
Developed in the Indian subcontinent,
and followed by a billion or so
This is one of the oldest religions
just to let you know.
Polytheism is in its nature
with an array of gods and goddesses
Whose idols one may find
in colourful temples and wayside shrines.
Believing in the existence of a supreme ruler
one whom we call ‘Brahman,’
His presence is felt in every form,
whether it is in air, water, land or boarding dorm.
Followers of Hinduism
call themselves Hindus
They tread the path of Dharma
that helps them in accumulating good ‘Karma.’
Like Buddhists and Sikhs,
Hindus, too, believe in ‘Samsara’
An endless cycle of birth, life, and death,
unless you turn your bad habits around and make weaknesses your strengths.
Worship is an important aspect
of the religion, and so is pilgrimage
Rendition from religious books,
often strengthens one’s faithfulness.
Hindus believe ‘Moksha’ to be the ultimate goal
That is the key aspect in making all of their lives whole.
No matter how different or unique we are
Let us keep hatred and animosity afar
Because religions unite, they do not set us apart
It is important to treat everyone as one, with all our hearts.

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