Grandparents’ Bag of Stories

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Boo Review Contest
Author: Sudha Murty
Book Review By: Samara Raval
Class: 1

Book Summary:

It is set in a village Shiggaon near Bangalore. There is a countrywide lockdown due to Coronavirus in March 2020 and Grandmother narrates stories /while teaching kids how to help less fortunate in hard times and also do their chores. The kids are from the city so they enjoy the big village house with a vegetable garden.

My Favourite:

My favourite character is the Ajji (Grandmother) who tells such wonderful magical stories. Each story is so different than the other and I learnt so many news things. She also involves the children to make homemade masks and do household work which I also did in the lockdown so I could connect to it.

I totally love this book as there are five 9 year olds stuck indoors in the lockdown (just like me): Raghu, Meenu, Krishna, Aditi and Anoushka, with Grandparents. Their exchanges with each other were a lot of fun as they were pampered and allowed their freedom. I really wish these parts could have been longer. As I read, I felt I was the sixth kid with them. There are few black and white pictures too.


Yes, yes, yes! I will highly recommend this book to everyone as there is something it in for all and it is an easy book to read.

The book is a collection of short stories and each story is completely different than the other.  “April Showers bring May flowers” was the best one I liked. “The Case of Mystery Pot” is another story I will never forget as it has a beautiful moral. Other stories like “Arrival of Rice…” and “World of Wheat” gives me so much information that I never knew till I read these. Some stories have a surprise ending and few others leave me with a smile.

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