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Children's book reviews
Author: Enid Blyton
Book Review By: Shushrika Pradhan
Class: 5

The Secret Seven series has 15 mysterious novels. This is the fifth book of “The Secret Seven.” The author of this series of books is Enid Blyton. The first book of the Secret Seven was published in1949. There are seven characters in the story.

Jack– Jack is member of the secret seven. He has a sister known as Susie.

Peter– The head of the secret society and brother of Janet. Janet- The sister of Peter also a Secret Seven member.
George– George is a boy at Peter’s school and a member of the secret society. He’s Colin’s best friend. His father once banned him from the secret society but later allowed George to rejoin.

Pam– Pam is a girl at Janet’s school and a member of the secret seven. She is also a good friends of Janet. Her best friend is Barbara.

Colin– Colin is a boy at Peter’s school and a valuable member of the secret seven. He is the quietest of the boys. He has a very large family. Most of them live with him.

Barbara– Her best friend is Janet. Peter often group the two together for assignment.

Here’s a small description of the main story.

The Secret Seven member are practicing there detective skills. A suspicious looking man puts George in trouble and his parents force him to leave the society. But the Secret Seven are determined to clear George’s name at once.

The main theme of the book is dark yet mysterious. If you like dark and mysterious book, I recommend secret seven for you. Since I like dark and mysterious based books, so I like Secret Seven.

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