Break the Barriers Down

By Kashvy Sabharwal

Break the Barriers Down
Let no face frown.
Break the Barriers Down
Connect all the towns.
Break the Barriers Down
Bring peace in the society and Kill the anxiety.
Vanish the borders,
in order to unfurl ardour of affection
and develop deep connection
Nothing can harm us,until we are together,
problem is stronger than each of us,
but WE are stronger than the problem.
No one is wrong!
Something that is wrong is our mindset,
But this is something we can change I bet
Get new trends,
By making new friends.
Together we can reach the sun,
Staying together is fun.
No laws!
No claws!
No Governments!
No monarchy!
No race!
No colour!
No sex!
Only one nationality that’s HUMANITY!!
Don’t celebrate loneliness,
Celebrate togetherness!
A new sun brings new hope.
Hope of togetherness.
Break the barriers down,
Don’t let this hope drown.
Get together!
Get better!
I have written this poem because I feel nowadays,we humans are losing humanity. It’s a high time when we need to stand together as ONE respecting & taking care of others without any self-interest!!

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