Book Review Contest Winners 2023!

Contest winners

Thank you to all the participants of the For All Our Kids Annual Book Review Contest 2023. We are pleased to see that some of you were repeat contestants! Your contribution helps us reach out and distribute books to more rural schools.

The selection of books showed a range of genres, including picture books, fantasy, science fiction, humour, mystery and biography. Our judges report that they enjoyed reading the reviews and learning how the contestants related to the book. They also stated that it was a difficult choice selecting the contest winners. As a result we have two second place winners for class 7.

We hope other children read the reviews and have a go at the books themselves.

Here’s some food for thought! We know that reading improves cognitive skills. How else does our brain respond when we read? Read on to know more:

How does Reading improve brain function?

The Contest Winners are….

Class 3:

First Place: Nirvi C Thakkar

Second Place: Mary George

Class 4

First Place: Saiaansh Dey

Second Place: Zunairah Zahid

Class 5

First Place: Bihan Majumdar 

Second Place: Adithya Rajan

Class 6

First Place: Tanrika Narayan

Second Place: Yazhini Arora

Class 7

First Place:  Nitya Baldava

Second Place: Noureen. K. Ajmal

Second Place: Kaavyan Easwer

Class 8

First Place: S. Vaishnavi

Second Place: Ashok John

Congratulations! Our First-Place winners will each receive an Amazon Gift Card for Rs. 1000 and the Second-Place winners will receive an Amazon Gift Card for Rs. 500. Thank you to everyone for taking part and supporting our literacy project.

We will tour in January to decide which school will benefit from the book distribution and post it on our homepage.

Click here to read more about the recipients of our book drive in 2022:

Book Drive and Distribution 2022

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Adoption 9
Adventure 9
Autobiography 2
Bilingual book 1
Biography 4
Book review contest 3
Children's Book 2
Children's Day 1
Chinna Thambi 1
Classics 11
colouring 11
Comics 1
Counting book 1
COVID 19 6
dance 1
Deepavali 0
Delayed milestones 1
Diwali 1
Drama 1
Dyslexia 1
Early intervention 0
Education 4
Education in India 20
Educational Testing 1
Emergent writing 2
Expository text Features 1
Expository text structure 2
Fairy Tales 2
Fantasy 39
Festivals of India 30
Fiction 32
Fine motor skills 1
Folktales 1
Ghost Stories 6
Golu 1
Graphic Novel 2
Harry Potter 11
Historical Mystery 1
Hithopadesha (Tamil) 24
Hithopadesha in Tamil 0
Hitopadesha (Tamil) 1
Horror 2
Humour 20
INavarathri 0
India 8
Indian Air Force 1
indian festivals 20
Indian Independence Day 2
Indian kidlit 32
Indian states 12
Indian Traditions 1
Interview with speacialists 0
Learning to read 6
life cycle of a butterfly 1
Lion 0
Masala Fairy Tales 17
mental health 1
Monsoon 1
Music 1
Mystery 4
Narrative Text Structure 1
Navarathru 0
Navratri 2
Nepal 1
Phonics 1
picture book 11
play 1
Poetry 6
Primary Education in India 1
purangkooramai 0
Reading 1
reading challenge 1
Reading comprehension 4
Sci Fi 1
Screen time 1
Self help 1
Short Stories 3
Short stories(Tamil) 9
Speech and Language 1
Stories by children 3
Stories from India 40
Tamil Story 37
Text Structure 2
Thirukkural 42
Traditional Indian Games 1
virtual schooling 3
Vocabulary 1
worksheets 35
writing 4
Young Adult 15
Young Writers 20
அன்னப்பறவை-மயில்-போர் 0
அழுக்காறாமை 0
இந்திய திருவிழாக்கள் 5
ஒழுக்கமுடைமை 0
கொக்கு 0
சிறுகதை 1
தமிழ் கதை 20