About Us

Our mission is twofold


To share evidence-based information on best practices in education with parents, focusing on literacy development and promoting positive mental health. We believe that when parents understand why and how their children learn what they do, it empowers them to make decisions that benefit the overall well-being of their children.


To provide opportunities for children in urban and rural parts of India to read more. Our Annual Book Review Challenge is a drive to encourage children who have access to books to read and contribute towards establishing libraries for children with limited access to reading material.

Our content is created by a team of educators aware of the complex realities of education in India—the value we place on education and how it is both our strength and weakness.

We take the information on the latest trends and methodologies and explain it in the context of the Indian education system. Our podcasts address topics on education, mental health, and adoption. Along with these, we podcast adapted versions of traditional Indian tales and authentic stories written by our contributing staff. We also publish flipbooks and printables that reflect the diverse cultural practices in India.