Ahn’s Anger

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Author: Gail Silver
Illustrator: Christiane Kromer
Book Review By: Jyoti
Grade: 3

This book is about a boy and his anger. The boy, Ahn, was building blocks. His grandfather told him to come for dinner but Ahn wanted to play some more. Because he wasn’t allowed to play but had to go for dinner, he started crying, then he got mad!

Anh said bad words to his grandfather. So his grandfather sent Anh to his room. Then when he was in his room, he suddenly herd a vois come from somwhere in his room! When Anh picked his head up, he saw a red headed monster! Then he realized that it was just his anger. So Anh and his anger play together. Then they sat down together and took some deep breaths. Wile he was taking some deep breaths, the thought of what he said to his grandfather. In his mind he thought of what he learned.

What he learned is that when you are angry you count to ten wile you are taking some deep breaths.When you are mad at someone just say ‘I need my personal space’ and go read or play by yourself, if you need to.

When I’m mad, I go outside to play on my own. Sometimes, I go to my room to read a book I like. Sometimes I tell my parents what happened and what made me mad. I also say sorry to the person because I yelled at them.

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