Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt

tags Humour
Book Review by Children
Author: Ben Clanton
Book Review by: Sukumar Chandran
Class: 3

I read a book called Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt. It’s about two best friends, a narwhal and a jellyfish. There are three stories in this book and it is a graphic novel.

One day Narwhal desided to become a super hero. So he told his best friend Jelly. But jelly said, “Narwhal, it takes a lot to be a super hero.” Jelly explained to Narwhal that he needs a cape. After that jelly becomes Narwhal’s super sidekick.

In the second story Narwhal found a star on a rock. The star said that he wasn’t a starfish but he fell to the eartha nd forgot what had happened. Narwhal tried everything to help the little star get back up to the sky. At last he said something that got the star back to the sky. The star never fell down again.

After that story Narwhal found Jelly Jolt and realized that he was sad. Jelly told Narwhal that Crab called him Jelly Dolt. So they both went to talk to Crab who was very cranky. But Narwhal made Crab a super hero too. He had four super claws and a mask. The best thig was Crab never made fun of Jelly Jolt again.

I like the pictures. They are very funny. When I read the book it riminded me of me and my cousins. Ones we played super heros too. Me and my youngest cousin were the good guys and we had wings. My older cousin was the bad guy. he tried to atak us but we tried to make him a good guy with our fake magic. You shuld also play super heroes. It is fun!

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