Reading Challenge
Author: Oliver Jeffers
Boor Review By: Ganesan Nakkeeran
Grade: 4

In this book, there is a magic tree. The boy Floyd was flying a kite. The kite was stuck in the tree. Floyd pulled and pulled but the kite was not coming down.

Floyd throwed one shoe on tree to get his kite. But his shoe was also stuck in tree. He throwed unother shoe on tree and that shoe was also sticking. After that, Floyd throwed a cat. Cat was also sticking. SO Floyd brot a ladder to climb. But he throwed the ladder instud of climbing up the ladder! After that Floyd throwed many things on tree like paint, duck, chair, a door. But everything he throwed on tree was sticking to it. He even throwed a big boat, a rhinocerous, a truck and also a house. A fire engine came because they hurd the nois and the firemen asked Floyd if he wanted help. Floyd throwed them and the fire truck was also sticking in the tree.

Then Floyd got an idea. He brot a saw and throwed it up. He did not cut the tree. The saw was getting stuck but his kite fell down. Floyds brot his kite to his house to play. But all the other peepel and animuls were still on the tree.

The auther drew the picturs and they are very funny. My favorit part is when he went to sleep and all the peepel are still in the tree.  Floyd was so crazy! He throwed all the things instud of climbing the ladder. When he brot the saw I thot he was going to cut the tree. He just throwed everything in the tree! I wish I had a tree like that. I can throw away so many things I don’t like in the tree.

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