Nancy’s Mysterious Letter

Boo Review Contest
Author: Carolynn Keene
Book Review By: Eunice Keren David
Class: 3

It’s funny at times picking up a book you know you reading that makes feel like your in the book.  That was the case with Nancy’s Mysterious Letter. It has everything you could want in a good book mysteries, action and even just being normal but a few things stood out to me in the book more than anything I am going to tell all of them.

An act of kindness is what interests me the most Nancy even with several mysteries in her hands still makes time to keep being kind one example is when Nancy went to Ira Nixon to see how he is doing even though Ira Nixon`s brother is the main suspect Nancy still made sure that Ira Nixon wouldn`t feel bad.

Action. even though this is a mystery book it still has just as much action as any other non-mystery book it has scenes like when Nancy thought she was being followed she followed the person who followed her and when she was following the person who she thought was following her she came across a non-sturdy bridge in the middle of crossing the bridge the bridge almost collapsed with Nancy in it luckily Nancy was able to back of in time but the action was more than enough to know this would be a different book.

Mystery was widely used in the book but more than one mystery was there so there were more interesting things with there being a normal mystery along with more unusual mysteries but all of them are definitely appealing.

Finally, normalness is the thing I noticed the most even with kindness, action and mystery there are lots of scenes where we just follow Nancy doing normal things it may seem boring but we read so many books that just don`t have the time to focus on other things but Nancy drew really showed us how to being normal while still having interest is really fun and that is why I think that Nancy drew is a great book.   

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