A Wise Parrot

Children's Book Reviews
Author: Basab Ghosh
Book Review By: Amritha Sathish
Class: 5

I read this book called “A Wise Parrot” which was about two parrots (an elder and younger parrot) who looked so beautiful and special. These parrots were trapped by a hunter and gifted to the king. The two parrots were given special attention, special food and were also kept in a golden cage and soon they became the centre of attraction of the palace. The younger parrot was always very happy to be treated special while the elder parrot was not carried away by the situation, he was neither happy nor sad.

All these special treatments continued till a black monkey entered the palace by the same hunter and things changed. The black monkey gained importance and became the centre of attraction and the two parrots were neglected. The younger parrot felt disappointed and conveyed his sad feelings to the elder parrot. The wise elder parrot convinced the younger saying that nothing is permanent in this world. Good times would definitely come and things would change for sure.

The black monkey was thrown out of the palace as he became naughty and the two parrots gained importance again forming the most interesting part of the book. I was carried away by the words of the elder parrot “Don’t be taken away by the temporary things and nothing is permanent in this world” as I could relate it to the words of my parents who always say “Nothing is permanent, if things don’t happen the right way as you expect, work hard and wait for your time.” Good times would definitely come.

I would recommend this book for younger children as it highlights the moral values of life with the apt title.

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