Book Review Guidelines

Summer vacation is here, and we at For All Our Kids are ready to announce the Annual Book Review Contest 2024 to promote reading, writing, and critical thinking. For every book review we receive, For All Our Kids will donate a book to our Rural India Library Project.

This year, For All Our Kids is pleased to collaborate with the Lohit Youth Library Network in Lohit district, Arunachal Pradesh. The money raised from the book review contest will fund their libraries.

The Lohit Youth Library Movement is a unique youth initiative in Arunachal Pradesh in North-Eastern Himalayan India, reaching out to readers across 300 km in the remote Lohit and Dibang Valley regions since May 2007. Volunteers at the Lohit Libraries provide opportunities for Arunachali children to develop their language and reading skills.

Read more about this unique movement to  make books accessible in Arunachal Pradesh here:

Lohit Youth Library Movement

What should you do?

  • Ask your child to choose a book they enjoy. Any genre is welcome!
  • Children must examine and express their opinions about the book’s plot, setting, characters, themes, or style. Would they recommend the book? Why (or why not)? What did they like/dislike about the book and why? Who was their favourite character, and why? What did they learn from the book? Would they have done something differently if they were in the story? We will not accept a review without the opinion section.
  • Do not send us a retelling of the story alone. If you send a book report, we will not consider it for the competition.
  • The judges will look for voice and creative writing. Children will only compete among their age levels.
  • Check for correct grammar and spelling!
  • Send us an illustration to go with your review.

Contest rules:

  • The contest is open to all children in standards 3-8.
  • The entry must be the child’s work. If we find identical reviews by multiple writers, both reviews will be disqualified.
  • Only one entry per student is allowed.
  • Entries should be 200-500 words and typed. We do not accept photos of children’s written work.
  • Illustrations can be in any medium, hand-drawn or otherwise. Send us a photo of the picture.
  • Write the student’s name, school, grade, teacher’s name, and book title in the email’s body. The book review should contain only the title of the book.

All book reviews must be submitted by Sunday, June 30th, 2024.


  • The judges’ decision is final. We will not consider any correspondence questioning the decision.
  • The first prize is an Amazon gift card of ₹1000.00 for each standard.
  • The second prize is an Amazon gift card of ₹ 500.00 for each standard.
  • There will be ten certificates of participation for each standard.
  • Winners will be announced on October 31st, 2024.
  • The winning entries will be published on our website,

Reviews must be emailed to

No reviews will be accepted after the deadline. If you have any questions, please write to

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Adoption 9
Adventure 9
Autobiography 2
Bilingual book 1
Biography 4
Book review contest 3
Children's Book 2
Children's Day 1
Chinna Thambi 1
Classics 11
colouring 11
Comics 1
Counting book 1
COVID 19 6
dance 1
Deepavali 0
Delayed milestones 1
Diwali 1
Drama 1
Dyslexia 1
Early intervention 0
Education 4
Education in India 20
Educational Testing 1
Emergent writing 2
Expository text Features 1
Expository text structure 2
Fairy Tales 2
Fantasy 39
Festivals of India 30
Fiction 32
Fine motor skills 1
Folktales 1
Ghost Stories 6
Golu 1
Graphic Novel 2
Harry Potter 11
Historical Mystery 1
Hithopadesha (Tamil) 24
Hithopadesha in Tamil 0
Hitopadesha (Tamil) 1
Horror 2
Humour 20
INavarathri 0
India 8
Indian Air Force 1
indian festivals 20
Indian Independence Day 2
Indian kidlit 32
Indian states 12
Indian Traditions 1
Interview with speacialists 0
Learning to read 6
life cycle of a butterfly 1
Lion 0
Masala Fairy Tales 17
mental health 1
Monsoon 1
Music 1
Mystery 4
Narrative Text Structure 1
Navarathru 0
Navratri 2
Nepal 1
Phonics 1
picture book 11
play 1
Poetry 6
Primary Education in India 1
purangkooramai 0
Reading 1
reading challenge 1
Reading comprehension 4
Sci Fi 1
Screen time 1
Self help 1
Short Stories 3
Short stories(Tamil) 9
Speech and Language 1
Stories by children 3
Stories from India 40
Tamil Story 37
Text Structure 2
Thirukkural 42
Traditional Indian Games 1
virtual schooling 3
Vocabulary 1
worksheets 35
writing 4
Young Adult 15
Young Writers 20
அன்னப்பறவை-மயில்-போர் 0
அழுக்காறாமை 0
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ஒழுக்கமுடைமை 0
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தமிழ் கதை 20