Aditi Zoo

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Book review contest 2022
Author: Amruta Mishra
Illustrator: Kruttika
Book Review By: Lakshana Y A
Class: 3

Story was neatly started, Aditi shows our childhood days.

Days without our front tooth. My mom won’t say “No”, instead she diverts me. I love to have a pet, but my parents? Not at all. Once I asked for a pet, they told me “If u win a competition, we will buy a pet for u”. I did it. Then they said, “If u learn swimming within a short time, we will buy u”. I did that too. At last, with no option they brought me my favourite, “Theo.” my dog.

Aditi Zoo is also like our story that is neatly designed and the pictures itself will make us to read this story. I am in class 3. You all will love this story.

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