Vikram and Betaal – The False Love

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Vikram and Betaal

There was everything but silence that new moon night in the graveyard. The gusts of wind cut through the dark night, muffling Vikram’s footsteps.  Eerie sounds mingled with the creaks of the branches as Vikram hauled the corpse on his shoulder and climbed down from the tree. He began to walk towards the camp where his guards waited for him.

“O King Vikrama! Careful who you help! Just because the hermit is a human being, you believe him. Like all your kind, you think I’m the dangerous one out to harm you. But do you really know if the hermit wishes your people well? Are you sure he won’t accuse you of being dangerous and treacherous? Let me tell you a story of how someone who supports you can turn around and accuse you of being the wrong one!”

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The False Love

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