Vikram And Betaal – The Motive

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The rains had stopped, and the ground was covered with small thorny shrubs. They pricked King Vikramaditya’s legs as he made his way to the tree. But all his focus was on getting the Vampire in the corpse. He swatted away a curious fly and stood on his toes to grab the corpse. The Vampire stared at him, but he ignored it. Vikrama moved the rattling bones onto his shoulder and started his long walk.

As he anticipated, the Vampire began, “Oh King, Aren’t you tired of walking back every month to bring me to the hermit? Dedication is all very well. But what exactly will you gain from this tiresome task? What is in it for you, anyway? Did the hermit promise you some superpower? But what will humans do with superpowers? Besides, what if your power fails you? Hmm? Let me tell you the story of not a human but a Deva and how his powers failed him on earth!”

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The Motive

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