Vikram and Betaal – Greed

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Vikram and Betaal

King Vikrama shielded his eyes from the leaves and dust flying about in the air. It was hard to tell if those eerie howls were just the hot wind or if there was something else, something otherworldly in the graveyard. But, you don’t get to be a great king known for your sense of adventure and quick thinking by walking back on your promises. So Vikrama trudged on, stepping over hard surfaces, be they branches, rocks, or even bones!

When he got to the tree, he did not need to look for the corpse. Vikrama had done this so many times!  His hands reached high enough to pry the corpse with vampire out of the tree. Then, taking long strides, he turned to where his guards waited.

Vikrama had taken but a few steps when the Vampire cackled. “Aaaah, What a king won’t do to keep his word! Time after time you come back to grab me and I defeat you and yet, you won’t give up! I am not convinced that you put all this effort for others. Look into your heart! Are you sure that you don’t feel a little bit greedy? Are you sure that you are not doing this for yourself too? Hmmm? Let me tell you a story, a story of four travellers searching for gold and the misfortune that befell them…”

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