Three Thousand Stitches

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Children's Book Reviews
Author: Sudha Murty
Book Review By: Ibhan Diwan
Class: 3

I decided to read this book because my grandmother gave it to me. It is written
by Sudha Murthy, herself a grandmother. All the stories in this book are real
stories from her and her parent’s life. My favourite story was “Three Handfuls
of Water” because the story included river Ganga. I want to visit the river
Ganga and see how long it is. My grandmother has also told me the how Ganga river was bought to earth by king Bhagirathi. The author herself went to Kashi
later in her life to experience the holy water of Ganga. I liked the ending of the
story “A Life Unwritten” when Sudha Murthy’s father delivers a baby girl
successfully in a village.

In the first story called Three Thousand Stitches, women were chatting and removing lice from each other’s hair. I found that very funny and never want to do such a thing. Sudha Murthy was convincing other women until they started listening to her. I learnt that perseverance is important and we should never give up. In the story “Food for Thought, I learnt interesting information about guava, tomato, chilli, banana, and orange. I was surprised to know that the first banana was created by sage Durvasa. In most of the stories, I saw the word “Infosys Foundation”. But I didn’t know what does it mean? So I asked my parents about it. They told me that it is an office that does good work by helping people. From all the stories, I learnt that we should always help each other. I want you also to read this book so that we all
can live happily.

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