The Case of the Stolen Smells

Children's book reviews
Author: Pankaja Srinivasan
Illustrator: Satwik Gade
Written by: Manorama H
Grade: 4

The book I read is called The Case of the Stolen Smells. It is about a man named Raju. Raju is a barber and one day he was surprised of what he saw for lunch. He got plain rice without the chillis and pickles. When he was going to eat it, he could smell some dillishus bajjis. He saw a man Babu making yummy chilli Bajjis.

Raju saw another man called Kannan who was a ragpicker. He shared his lunch with Kannan. Raju told him to smell the yummy bajjis and eat the rice.

When the old man Babu figered out what Raju is doing, he got angry. He told Raju to pay him mony because he was smelling his bajjis.

When Raju refused they went to an old man named Sattapadi who was sitting under a tree. Sattapadi solved it easily by asking some questions and tout Babu a lesson by paying for the smell with the noise of coins.

I was surprised when Sattapati said Raju must give Babu mony but I liked the ending.  He tricked Babu just like Babu tried to trick Raju.

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