Keeper of the Lost Cities

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Children's Book Reviews
Author: Shannon Messenger
Book Review By: Laavni Agrawal
Class: 7

All fantasy books are amazing, but the book ‘Keeper of the Lost Cities’ was truly exceptional. It is authored by an American author Shannon Messenger. It is a genre of fantasy, mystery and adventure which makes this book interesting and fun to read. The author has used such magnificent words which engrosses me. It increases your vocab, grammar and words. It is really very a good start for new readers. They will gain interest in it. It is one of the best book series I’ve ever read. Each and every sentence covers mystery, and excitement. The thoughts expressed are really good and worthy. It is also nicely explained that makes it interesting a lot.

The protagonist’s convenient about her thoughts and emotions to certain people. The end leaves us with a complete state of shock. I really enjoyed reading these series. I really want more sequels and prequels of it! People should read it more and more, so it gets famous and the author is urged to write more! I would thank her for writing this, and bringing a flare of hope and inspiration to my life. You are the best!

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