Chatur Chanakya and the Himalayan Problem

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Children's Book Reviews
Author: Radhakrishnan Pillai
Illustrator: Vishnu M. Nair
Book Review BY: Divi Jopat
Class: 5

Chatur Chanakya is a new friend and guide I have got.

It’s the story of Chanakya, the new kid at the school, who helps his friends to sort the problem of Himalaya who is a bully and troubles all kids at school, through strategic thinking and problem solving abilities.

Chanakya was homeschooled for many years, and he has learnt Kautilya’s Arthashastra and most importantly Aanavikshiki-which is the art of thinking. And now he is teaching all his friends about Aanavikshiki – how being calm and thoughtful helps in problem solving.

He says arrive at a decision and not just make a decision. I practice this as many times as possible.

I would recommend the Chatur Chanakya book to everyone because it is simple to read and yet gives insights on strategic ways of dealing with everyday issues. It is also fun to read about Chanakya’s friends. 

There are many such tips and tricks in this book. And I find myself in a good company when I’m reading this book.

As Bhagwat Gita says choose good company and mentors.

यद्यदाचरति श्रेष्ठस्तत्तदेवेतरो जनः।

स यत्प्रमाणं कुरुते लोकस्तदनुवर्तते।।3.21।।

Another learning from this book is same as Charlie Chaplin’s saying:

More than my appearance, my mind and my attitude give me identity. 

Laughter, curiosity, happiness, excitement is what happens when you read this book … it is like hen’s teeth in this genre.

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