The Famous Five – Five on a Treasure Hunt

Children's Book Reviews
Author: Enid Blyton
Book Review By: Mridusha Sumanth
Class: 5

This book is the first series of The Famous Five collection. The author of this book is Enid Blyton. This book was published in the year 1942.

The story starts with three siblings Anne, Julian and Dick, who are planning to go to Polseath to spend their summer holidays. Finally, they decide to go to their Uncle Quentin’s house at Kirrin Bay. Their Uncle’s daughter Georgina, their cousin, who hates to be a girl, responds only to the person who call her as George. She has a secret friend Timmy a dog. The story travels around these five characters: Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy.

The author beautifully narrates the bonding of these five children and the adventures they do at the island belonging to George’s family. At last they find the wrecked Ship with Treasure which belongs to the Great Great Great Grandfather of George. What I like most is the bonding between George and Timmy, which is real in most of our life. The story is very interesting, and very adventurous. The Author ends this series with a happy ending with the five children travelling together for the next adventure, which makes the readers want to read the next new series.

My father recommended this book to me. It is his most favourite book during his childhood.  This is the first book I read, which made me to love reading books. People who like adventures, detective novels will surely love this book. This is the most favourite book among all books I have. I will surely recommend this book to all my friends. I would rate this book as the best book I have ever read.

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