Bela Misses Her Train

Children's books by Indian authors
Author: Neha Singh
Illustrator: Sonal Gupta
Book Review By: Charan Kapur
Class: 3

I red Bela misses her train. Bela is a little girl and she is going away with her Nani. Nani mins granmothr.

Bela’s Nani told her to huri up or she will be late. But when Bela goes to the stashun, the train goes away. And Bela can’t see her Nani so she runs to the train but she bumps into a man. The man is a tiket caluktor and Bela helps him by piking up his things.

The tiket caluktor also helps Bela. He told her that he will take her to the next stashun and took her on his sicle. And over there they saw a tractur and a camel. The man was tiurd of riding the sicle. So they get into the tractur and go back to the stashun.

Bela goes to talk to the polic but Nani is not there. When they went to the wayting room to look there is nobody there. Sudenli she heard her Nani calling and she was on her Nani’s lap. The story was all a dreem. Bela was not lost at all. She was with her Nani and they went in the train.

My dad says I am always late, so I am happy that Bela was not late this time. I don’t know why bela is going  with her Nani. Where is her mothr I don’t know. My Nani givs me al the milk I want to drink.

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