The Find-Outers – The Mystery of the Secret Room

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Children's Book Reviews
Author: Enid Blyton
Book Reveiw By: Hansini A. Kartik
Class: 7

This book has been written by Enid Blyton who is very well known for her other books like Secret Seven, Famous Five, Malory Towers, The Barney Mysteries and more.

The Find-Outers are very similar to Secret Seven. They are a group of five friends who go around solving mysteries in and around their town. In this book too, they list down suspects and engage in adventures to investigate the problem; the most common being climbing trees and getting held as prisoners by the criminals. For this reason, Enid Blyton could have, perhaps, made these stories part of the Secret Seven Series; although I do understand that one of them called Fredrick a.k.a Fatty is quite boastful, unlike the characters in Secret Seven.

I love Buster the Black Scottie dog the most. He is really cute according to me, as I personally love dogs very much and it amuses me the way Buster can communicate with the children. Out of all the characters in the book, Buster is my favourite.

I have, till now, read two books of The Find – Outers and enjoyed them both. It gives me quite the feeling that I am truly experiencing whatever is happening in the book. Absolutely captivating to the point that once begun it is impossible to put it down. The narration is very smooth and does not slow down at all making the book. The way Buster expresses his feelings, Fatty teases people in a polite way, Mr. Goon being hateful, Bets acting innocent and Pip being clever. Overall, it is a very colourful narrative that suits the adventure very well.

I strongly recommend this book to all age groups since it draws the reader’s attention alike. On a final note, it is a really good book to read anywhere at any time even for younger children about the age of seven or eight.

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