The Festive Season/Navaratri-Bommai Golu
Golu is the Thamizh word for the display. In this tradition, dolls are displayed on steps. In Tamil Nadu,...
Indian fairy tales podcast
Masala Fairy Tales-Soundarya, The Indian Cinderella-Part 2
Nirav Speaks: I don’t know why my mother dragged me to that house again! She did say that something...
Indian fairy tales podcast
Masala Fairy Tales-Soundarya, The Indian Cinderella! Part 1
Soundarya speaks: My Mama died after I was born. Papa and I used to live in a small town. Papa travelled...
Indian podcast on education
Teacher to Parent - The Importance of Play
What is one of the most stressful periods for parents of young children? School selection, isn’t...
Education in India podcast
Teacher To Parent-Books for Beginning Readers
Do you get excited when your child begins to put sounds together and decodes the words to read? It is...
Festivals of India
Onam Story-The Pookalam
“Ammammaaaa! Look how much trouble these kids are with ten days of Onam holidays! How do your teachers...
Education India podcast
Teacher To Parent- Fostering Individuality
Many years ago, I was in a mixed classroom of first and second standard kids. I was there to read a book....
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