Festivals of India
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The Festive Season: Tihar, The Nepali Festival of Lights
Did you know that around Diwali, the Nepali community in India (and in Nepal, of course) celebrates the...
The Festive Season/Navaratri-Bommai Golu
Golu is the Thamizh word for the display. In this tradition, dolls are displayed on steps. In Tamil Nadu,...
75 Years Of Independence-Children Speak
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time to August 15th, 1947? Well, we asked...
Festivals of India-Eid Ul Fitr
MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES OF EID The most memorable events that always remain etched in our minds are the...
Indian education podcast
The Many New Years Of India
The year 2021 is ending this week. Have you got your new year celebrations planned out? We hope you keep...
Christmas Podcast India
Christmas Memories
Mrs. Archana shares her memories… “One of the benefits of growing up in a multicultural and...
Christmas story indian podcast
The Christmas Sweets
I broke the cashew nuts into small pieces while my grandmother squeezed the grated coconut. The milk...
Ganesh Chaturthi
The Festive Season-Ganesh Chaturthi
Why and how do we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi? Listen and enjoy! Ganesh Chaturthi
Janmashtami Podcast
A much-cherished festival is coming up next week, a festival where we celebrate the birth of a mischievous...
Podcast on India
The First Independence Day - August 15, 1947
Independence day is coming up. It is India’s 75th Independence day. Usually, we’d be out...
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