Indian story podcast
Kukur Tihar Story - Laddoo!
Our town was decorated magnificently for Tihar. Small stalls, their baskets overflowing with marigolds...
Festivals of India
Onam Story-The Pookalam
“Ammammaaaa! Look how much trouble these kids are with ten days of Onam holidays! How do your teachers...
Indian Festivals Podcast
Rakshabandhan Story - Building a Family
The three girls stared at the two boys. Wait! These were supposed to be their cousins? “It’s...
Indian festivals podcast Magh Bihu
Magh Bihu-The Great Vegetable Robbery
Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu is the harvest festival of Assam celebrated on January 14th, a celebration...
Story podcast
Arjun's Courage-Diwali Story
“I watched the kids on the playground, my face stuck to the window. Will they be friendly? Will...
Navratri story podcast
My First Dandiya Raas
You can stay up late and dance your heart out from tomorrow. Now, it is time for you to sleep,” my mother...
Stories from India-podcast
Nandu's Friend-Janmashtami Story
Nandhu stood on the doorsteps and stared at the moving cart. The kids in that cart were chatting away...
Indian Festivals Colouring pages
Sarayu's Puzzle: A Navratri Story
Sarayu skipped down the road from the bus stop. “This year, I’m going to decorate the last padi, the...
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