Vikram and Betaal-The Man who Wouldn’t be King

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Vikram and Betaal Podcast

A long and eerie howl broke through the cold night air. King Vikram did not look around. His attention was centered on the coprse hanging on the peepal tree. The Vampire peeking out of the skull watched him reach for it with a sardonic grin. Vikram managed to ignore it altogether and put the corpse on his shoulder. Once again, he started his long march to where his soldiers waited for him with the hermit.

The silence did not long last long! “OOOOOh King, you do work very hard! But I wonder! Aren’t you bored, dejected? Let’s say that you take me to the hermit, and he gives you whatever it is that he has promised you. But, but, what if you don’t really like the reward after all this hard work? Hmmm? Let me tell you the story of the man who really wanted something but, when he got it, he didn’t like it after all!

Listen and Enjoy!

The Man who Wouldn’t be King

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