The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

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Children's Book reviews
Author: L Frank Baum
Illustrator: Ella Okstad
Book Review By: Nandita Rameshkumar
Class: 6

The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, this is a brilliant book to read and you can read it as many times as you want and still the book will be amazing. The book is very simple to understand. There are many twists and turns and it is so hard to put down the book and stop reading! I loved the story very much.

The book is enthralling tale of Dorothy’s adventures in the land of Oz. Dorothy was carried away to the land of Oz by a cyclone following which she makes a few friends who accompany her across the land of Oz in her journey to finding her way to Kansas City. I really enjoyed how simple the motivations of the characters were. They stayed focused on their goals and still remained faithful to each other no matter what happened to them.

The book is much different from the movie, the author had made it up to the point, there is no deviation here and there and the story continues with the correct illustration and timing. There is no repetition any where in the storyline and author made the story in a most humorous way.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’s strongest theme is self-contradiction and how the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion all lack self-confidence. The Scarecrow believes that he has no brains, though he comes up with clever solutions to several problems that they encounter on their journey. The Tin Woodman believes that he lacks a heart, but is moved to tears when misfortune befalls the various creatures they meet. The Cowardly Lion believes that he has no courage even though he is consistently brave through their journey. From this I understood that we all have our own inbuilt talent, if we have self-confident then we will definitely shine when appropriate time comes.

         It shows the importance of teamwork and friendship. This adventurous fantasy tale can be read by both kids and adults. The part which was my favourite is when Dorothy was able to ruin the Wicked Witch and save her friends. I was a little disappointed when they found out the Wizard was a fake and just a regular person with no powers.

I recommend you to read this witty book as it gives food for thought and messages galore of friendship and kindness. A perfect mix of friendship, love, help etc. I completely appreciate the writer’s way of writing. This book also gives us a strong message to never give up. I will keep reading this book again and again.

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