The Most Important Goal in my Life

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Everyone has important goals in their life. The most important goal in my life right now is that I want to find my biological family, my hometown, and my village. The reason I want to find my real family is because I love them. No matter how your family is, you always love them with all your heart. You’ve gone through all kinds of situations in your life with them and, helped each other out.

My family always supported me when I needed their support. Even when we were poor, we were rich from inside.

 My family always supported me when I needed their support. Even when we were poor, we were rich from inside. We enjoyed every moment together. I believe with all my heart that I will achieve my goal one day. Secondly, I want to find my hometown because I grew up there. I have lovely memories of me with my siblings. One of my favorite memories is that when I was little, there used to be a small store of school supplies. and the woman in the store was friendly, and lonely. Her kids lived in a different state. She invited us to have a sleepover and have fun in the store. So, we used to take erasers, pencil sharpener, and pencils from her store. When she found out, she used to chase us to our house and tickle us. She treated us just like her own kids.

There are other good memories. When it rained hard, we used a cement bag and pin it to the both side of the door, because our door wasn’t steady enough to stop the rain from coming inside the house. Over the weekends, we get water only in the afternoons for few hours.  So, we filled all our buckets and tubs in the rain. While we were filling up the buckets, we danced in the rain with other kids. If someone didn’t fill their buckets, they put their buckets outside the house to fill it with the rainwater. Those days were so much fun, its indescribable feeling! When my parents to go work, I invited my friends to my house and pretend play. The dry soil was the rice, the small rocks was the eggs, the wet soil was the dal, and the leaves was chapati. We played the entire day, because our parents late at night from works, so before they got home, we cleaned up and everybody went to their houses. I loved playing pretend play, and I still kind of do.

At last, I want to find my village because for me, my village was more than a castle.

My parents got home late, so I had to cook for myself and for my sisters because I’m the oldest. So, we had some good food, like rice and oil, chapati rolls with sugar, and rice and yogurt with sugar. Some people might think its weird, but it’s delicious. After we were finished dinner, we all sat on the doorstep and waited for our parents to get home from work because we were scared to sleep alone. At last, I want to find my village because for me, my village was more than a castle. I loved the simple life. The well, the house made with straw and bamboos, the swing tied to the trees, and the stoves made with bricks. We used cow dung to keep the fire burning. We tied some sarees in the trees and rest on the swing, it’s so relaxing.  Farmers worked hard to raise money. And sleeping outside was amazing, I used to sleep with my grandmother, and we put a net around the bed, so the mosquitoes don’t bite us. It was scary and nice. 

Those three things are very important in my life. I will try till I reach my goal.  Wish me a good luck! Other people may betray you, but families won’t. families work when everyone does things together, be happy and keep your family happy!

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