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I have some special memories from when I was with my biological mom. Those memories are very special to me in my life.

One of my favorite memories was when I came from school my mom used to give us laddoo every day. We had our own sweet factory, so it was easy to sneak one up too.

When my mom and dad went to work, we made the house a slippery swimming pool by adding soap and water!

I closed the door, locked it so that no one comes inside. I took a bucket full of water, added soap, and poured it on the floor. Then, we slithered around. It was slippery, so it was easy to slither around. We invited our friends and played for the whole day. After playing for a few hours, everybody got changed. .

We pretended to cook for everyone. I loved playing with soil, and I still do. I gathered up some leaves, tiny rocks, soil, and water. I took some small cups and mixed water and soil to make dal. Then I cut out leaves in a circle to make chapati, and the tiny rocks were the eggs. I brought some big leaves to serve food to everybody. We didn’t eat anything.  We just pretended to eat and threw it away. I cleaned everything up before my parents got home so that I don’t get in trouble.

I had great times with my mom, and it was just amazing. These memories are always going to be special to me.

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