Rising to Meet a New Day

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Morning walk can freshen up your mood, it gets you ready for the day. The sound of Cicadas, the birds chirping, the smell of flowers and fresh grass, the cool breeze whispering in your ears…all these just makes your mood lighter. That’s why some people go for a walk when they need a break.

 When I started going for a walk every morning and evening, I could relax myself, I am able to focus on my studies better, and it makes me happier person. You’ll start noticing the difference in a week or two, and its good for your health too! You sleep tight, your hip doesn’t hurt when you run or do any exercise suddenly, and it gives your brain a break too.

 Animals come outside every morning and evening such as, squirrels, deer, mice, birds, insects, dogs, and foxes, etc. I took some cool pictures of the squirrels climbing the trees, hugging, eating acorns, and chasing each other! There are a lot of things to be noticed in the nature. It is Coronavirus season, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the nature. Wear a mask, stay 6+ft away from other people, and wash your hands regularly! Have a great walk!

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