We know that there is still fighting going on about whose religion is better. It’s not a bad thing to love your religion, but you shouldn’t judge others about their beliefs. Everybody believes in different things, and that’s human nature. It’s happening everywhere in the world.

In my family though, everybody believes in different gods. My dad and his side are Christian, my mom and her side are Hindu, my sisters are also Christian. Me on the other side, I am Christian too. I’ve experienced other religions, and they’re very interesting. Even though I’m not Hindu, I still enjoy the festivals!

Before I got adopted, I was Hindu. When I went to the hostel (a place where kids live because of an issue in their family), I became Christian. No one forced me to, but I thought I was supposed to. After getting used to the new religion, I started to like the Christian religion, the way they pray, sing, and their strong belief towards the god. I started to believe in god too. I believed that my wishes will surely come true, and they did! My beliefs are getting stronger and stronger. That’s why I am still Christian and always will be.

Please respect each other religion and believes. Even though some people would just hate me for saying this.

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