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Share a Book: This is an experiment I tried which worked for me. In the beginning of the lockdown period, I sent the pdf version of the book ‘Pollyanna’ to my students of grades 4 and 5. I read the book along with them (that was the third time I read ‘Pollyanna’. I first read the book when I was in grade 6, then during my B.Ed days and now along with my children). I asked their parents also to read the book, discuss the contents of the book with their children and then get back to me. Almost all the children read the book. A few of them sent me reviews and a few parents got back to me. They loved the message the book conveyed, and they shared with me the change in the attitude of their wards. Sharing a book opens many mental locks. Parents, teachers, and children learn a lot from different perspectives. If the children are very young, stories can be read out to them and questions like what they would do if they were to face such a situation or what they think of the character or how they would end the story, can be asked. This way the children will learn to introspect and communicate. So, parents and teachers, pick a book, sit with the children, read, discuss, and create a strong bond.

Parent Talent Pool: Beginning of the school year teachers can find out the talents of the parents or areas of their specialization or interest.  They can ask the parents if they are interested in volunteering for any short talks or training sessions. In our school we usually invite our doctor-parents as speakers for our health awareness programs. For example: Dentists among are our parents conduct sessions on Oral Hygiene, Dieticians on balanced diet, Occupational Therapists train teachers to deal with differently abled children etc. Parents can also be asked to volunteer to train children for Quiz competitions, athletics, games etc.

The environment of school and home differs in many ways. When children feel that home and school both provide them the environment to perform well, they will surely get benefited. It gets easier for children to work when parents and teachers have common expectations and goals. The children do not get confused. They will feel comfortable to ask for help in the school and will talk about their problems without any fear or hesitation.

Therefore, it is essential that parents and teachers work in tandem. Such working together should begin right from the start of the new school year.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,” said Helen Keller, who was fortunate to have a great teacher, Anne Sullivan. Yes, that is what partnership is all about. So, here is wishing all parents and teachers a successful collaboration!

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