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What is Parent Teacher Partnership?

Parent Teacher Partnership is a relationship in which parents and teachers work together in close communion to discuss children’s progress and find ways to help them deal with the challenges faced during learning and grooming. When there is a good relationship between parents and teachers, there can be regular communication about the learning and behavioral issues of the children

How does Parent Teacher Partnership work?

Mutual Respect:

This partnership is equally important for both parents and teachers. Parents should respect the teachers and teachers should reciprocate the same. Instead of asking ‘what’s wrong,’ parents and teachers should sit together and discuss the children’s challenges. Afterwards, a mutual decision can be taken to help the children to achieve success in learning.

Build a rapport:

A teacher is the first person with whom children develop their first relationship other than family members. Children will see their teachers as people who are ready to help and support them with the tough lessons. Parents should understand how teachers handle their children. Trusting the teachers is highly important for parents to develop a healthy parent-teacher relationship. Parents should help their children build that much needed rapport with the teachers.

Avoid bragging:

For every parent his/her child is the best in the world. Over the years I have seen parents not only hiding the shortcomings of their children but also overrating their achievements. This, most often, is a defense mechanism which many parents indulge in to show that their children are perfect. But what parents don’t realise is that by giving an exaggerated or wrong picture to the teachers, they are depriving the children of the much-needed support of the teachers. By bragging over their children’s accomplishments they are misguiding the teachers and this might affect their performance. Give the teachers the true picture. Help them help you!

Deal with the problem together:

Not every kid enjoys a transition from school to home and vice versa. Most of the kids show disagreement to go to school or might complain about getting bored in school. Some parents blame the teachers instead of talking to them and chalking out plans together on how to make a smooth transition or resolve the issues. Sometimes schools, too, put the whole blame on parents for children’s hostile behaviour. Playing the blame game is not a solution when dealing with children. Teachers and parents should work together on this matter. A simple phone call can be a good way to solve things.

For this partnership to work there should be unprejudiced, effective communication between all the stakeholders. In the next post, I’ll discuss a few simple strategies to help make the connection.

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