My Thoughts on Siblings

In my opinion, it’s nice to have siblings. If you are the only child, it’s kinda boring. There’s no one you can play with, fight with, tease, no one to blame, do activities with, or share things with.

People who have siblings sometimes wish that they were the only child. I feel like that sometimes when I get annoyed with them. Once, I was doing something in my room, and my sisters kept asking me “Didi, can we sit in your room, Didi can we sit in your room, please, please please?” (Didi means big sister). It’s even more annoying when they come to your room and take things without your permission.

What I like about being the oldest sister is that you get a lot more freedom. Such as, getting a new cell phone, allowed going out without a parent, you get your own room, and you get a lot of other kinds of freedom. The thing that I don’t like about being the oldest sister is that, you have to babysit your siblings and other kids. Sometimes your parents expect too much from you too. Anyway, right now I’m happy to be the oldest sister. People who have siblings, be grateful for that and enjoy!

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