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Everybody has a favorite song, right? Well, I do too. This song is in Marathi and it is called “Hi Poli Saajuk.” It always cheers me up when I listen to it. It’s a wedding song and it has a nice instrument playing. The song always takes me back to those days when I listen to it.

 The first time I heard this song was in 2013, in Aroli. It was somebody’s wedding, and I went there with my best friend. I don’t remember my friend’s name since it was nine years ago. Everyone could come to the wedding whoever lived close. The song was so loud that you could hear it five miles from there.

Everyone was so happy! Some people were busy eating, and others were dancing. Everyone gets so happy when it comes to wedding. It likes celebrating first Independence Day! People wear new clothes early in the morning, put henna on their hands, bring gifts, and a lot more!

This song is my favorite because it reminds me of those happy moments that I spent with my friend at the wedding. And that’s why I like going to Indian weddings!

I thank Reshma Sonawane and Manohar Kolambre for the song! May God always bless you guys and keep smiling!

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