My House

Rajasthan mud house

My house makes me feel safe and comfortable. I feel the safest place in the whole world is my house; it keeps me protected from the world. Do you feel like that too? Whenever we feel scared, we hide inside our house, right? But why? Because we know we’ll be safe there. We sleep in our house without any fears and have sweet dreams .

My house gives me privacy. I love my home the way it is, do you? We feel good in our houses, we know the house well, and the house knows us well. We have a bond between our house.

We take care of each other in different ways. We keep the house clean, and in return, the house keeps us safe and gives us shelter. Houses have existed for about millions of years. All living-things have their own houses, they’re good, and safe in different ways. In addition, everybody like their house in different style. Not everyone is lucky to have their own house, some of them can’t afford to have one.

Some poor people have only four walls for protection and privacy, and people who live in those houses, they’re happy to have at least walls to keep them safe. Are you happy the way your house is? What kinda house do you like? Have you seen anyone that doesn’t have one?  

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