Malory Towers First Term

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Children's Book Reviews
Author: Enid Blyton
Book Review By: Bani Kaur
Class: 7

This book is a part of a series about a girl named Darrell Rivers who is very excited to start her new boarding school, Malory Towers. There she is met with new friendships, tricks and trouble with the spoilt girl Gwendoline, and has many more such adventures.

I chose this book because Enid Blyton is one of my favorite authors and also because it was recommended by my English teacher at school.  The book cover is colorful. I also liked the plot of the story as explained in the summary on the back cover.

The story brings out life at a residential school. The character of Irene is particularly interesting. She is messy and forgets most of her stuff, something which is the same in my best friend.  The character of Sally Hope is also very lovable and reminds me of my classmate. The idea of going to a boarding school seems exciting and fun after reading this book. One of the teachers in the story Ma’am Zelle reminds me of my Spanish teacher.

Although in some of the chapters, I felt the story was a bit dragged and in some it went so fast that I couldn’t understand what was happening. I feel it would have been better if the story had started as a Dear Diary. More pictures and an even better book cover could’ve made the story a bit more interesting.

But that is not a worry as I plan to pick it up, again and again, to read for the twists and turns in the book. It made me cuddle up in my bed and read for hours and hours and therefore, definitely this book makes it to my recommended list of reading for girls aged 10-14.

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