Looking Back: Right After the Adoption

It’s been 3 years since I got adopted to the lovely family, but I still remember the first week of adoption. My sisters, my new parents and I were nervous, because we were new to each other.

My new parents picked me and my middle sisters in the evening, and that night was weird. My sisters and I were carsick, and it was raining heavily. The second day, my parents, my sister and I went to pick up my youngest sister. She is adorable, and very kindhearted.

My parents took us shopping because we didn’t have any clothes to wear. I was amazed seeing those most beautiful dresses in the world! I still remember that moment. We got some pretty looking dresses and some other things. I’d never been to a mall until they took us. It was so much fun looking at so many different things! We had dinner there and looked around for some more time.

We stayed in a hotel called “Rodas An Ecotel hotel” in India. It was an amazing place to stay, it was very beautiful and the people there were also very kind. After living there for few more days, we moved to another place in Powai.

My mom is south Indian; and I am north Indian, so we like to eat different things. And my mom didn’t know how to make the food that me and my sisters liked, so she made rice and dal. It was hard for few days because it didn’t have enough salt in the dal, and the rice wasn’t fully cooked. My mom is also a special education teacher, so we sisters started to study at home, and it was kinda hard learning a new language and doing something that we had never done.

I still miss those fun days, and I’m waiting for Mr. Coronavirus to go so we can go there to visit. After living there for another month, we moved to Thane. That was also an amazing place. We slept on the floor, bought food from outside, and went for tutoring. I loved living in Thane more than anywhere else. There was nothing to do there yet, so we just went to the playground, sang songs in the house, etc.

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