Kids and Their Feelings

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Sometimes, kids can’t express their feelings. That’s why they cry, yell, or throw things. When they do these things, instead of yelling at them, sit down and talk to them. Talking to kids in bad moments helps them; it makes them feel good. Kids need attention from their parents, occasionally, give them a hug to make them feel good.

I am a teenager and I annoy my parents sometimes.

Parents shouldn’t give kids everything they want, that can spoil them when they grow up and then you will regret giving your kids whatever they asked for. From time to time, they’ll be so annoying and non-stop crying, but you shouldn’t fall into those traps. Yes, occasionally, they g o through a hard time, such as friend issues, problems in school, and homework stress, and other important problem.

Not only little kids have hard times, teenagers also have hard times. During teenage years, kids every now and then misbehave. They become more independent, sometimes they make hard decisions because they need attention, or they feel like they have more power. Every now and then, it’s hard to deal with teenagers. I am a teenager and I annoy my parents sometimes. You need to leave them alone occasionally, usually they want some space from people. When they overdo something, just leave them alone or give them an attention and some love.  

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