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Indian Construction laborer

Do you like your job? What kind of job do you do? There are a lot of different kinds of jobs in the world. Some pay less money, and others pay more. It depends on the kind of job that is. No job is bad or good. While it is true, all jobs can’t be the same. Can they?

         If all jobs were the same, it would be boring. If there were no variety of jobs, everybody would have the same talent. When we do a job, we learn a lot from it, and we experience different things in different jobs. 

          Few people like jobs that pay more money, but they don’t really enjoy the job they do. Then what’s the point of doing something that you don’t like? If you’re not happy with the job you do, don’t do it. Sometimes, people do that because they really need the money. A lot of people do this. Some jobs are inappropriate, but for the money, they will do it. 

Some people think jobs like sweeper, cleaner, maid, etc., are useless.  And people who do these jobs get treated badly. Why? Don’t they deserve respect like you do? They’re also humans like us, they just do different jobs. Try putting yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if you were treated like that? Sometimes, they just can’t afford to get the kind of job they like. Respect all kinds of jobs, and the people who do the jobs. 

         I don’t have a job yet, but I learned all this from my parents. My dad does a job that he likes, he enjoys doing it. If you do a job that you don’t enjoy, it can put you in depression, and make you feel stressed. So, choose the job that you enjoy.

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