In Person School is Starting!!!

Happy Indian girl

Are you guys excited for school starting in person? Good, I’m too! Looking forward to ‘in person school’ is the only thing I can think of right now. I’m so excited that I already packed my bag pack two weeks ago! It’s been so long since I saw my teachers, classmates, and friends. I miss sitting at the desk and listening to my teacher, having fun with friends, being naughty during class, and running in the school hallways.

Being away from school and peers been hard for almost every kid. They’ve been having a hard time; we can’t blame them, right? It’s hard staying in front of the computer for almost the entire day, and not seeing their teachers or classmates. Some kids need special help for their schoolwork, and they don’t get that help by learning virtually.

I have to say, kids who don’t like school miss school right now.

It’s not only hard for students, it’s difficult for teachers too. When a student is struggling with something, they can’t tell how much help they need. Some teachers feel like they’re talking to themselves or to the computer because not all students participate in the class. I have to say, kids who don’t like school miss school right now.

Now that school is starting in person slowly, everything will go back to normal! Students can go back to their classes and enjoy the school year again! All the kids will have that cute smile on their faces again! And parents who can’t get their work done while the kids are home won’t have to worry about getting their work done. Everything will be alright! Enjoy!

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