For My Mother

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Mother is someone who makes us realize how good we are, a mother gives us confidence about who we are.

I am adopted by a loveliest family. My biological mother left us 7 years ago, but not on purpose. There might be a reason, she might’ve thought that there are a lot of problems in her life, and she didn’t want us to go through the same problem. So she left us thinking our lives will be much better, and that’s what happened. I really miss my biological mother, I hope she is safe wherever she is. I will look for her when I grow-up, and ask her why she left us. My mother was kind of a single mother and it was really hard for her. I still think about some things like, “is she looking for us? Is she safe? Did she eat anything? Or is she happy?” I want my mother to be happy and don’t worry about anything. So you have to be thankful for your mom and dad.

A lot of kids don’t respect their family, those kids should know what the word mother means. Mother is someone who makes us realize how good we are, a mother gives us confidence about who we are. A mother’s love is so sweet, everybody deserves that love, and a mother. A mother can do anything to keep a smile on their kid’s face, they can keep you safe from the world. For a mother, her kid is everything. All mothers try so hard to fulfill their children’s dream. A mother is a gift from god to us, and we should be thankful, because in different parts of the world, kids don’t have a mother. I know how it feels when a kid loses their biological mother from my experience. I hope all the kids get a mother’s love in their life.

Being a single mother is really hard, especially when your own family doesn’t support you. My biological dad was not a good person at all, he didn’t care about anything in his life, not even his own family. So my mother had to take care of us alone, and that’s how I know how difficult it is. Some people make fun of single moms, instead of helping them. They think there’s no one to help them when they are in some difficulties. No one did that to my mother, because she was a lovely woman, everybody liked her in the neighborhood. I helped my mother in the things that I could, such as taking care of my siblings while she was at work, taking them to school, and keeping the house clean. I was only about 7 years old, so I couldn’t help her with a lot of things. Mother, if you are reading this, I want to tell you that we really miss you, and be safe.

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