The Monsoon is Here!

Children's Book Reviews
Author: Rama Sundaramurthy
Illustrator: Mona Rauf
Book Review By: Akshata Saravanan
Class: 6

I chose this book because I loved how different the title of the book is. I somehow felt as if this book would be adventurous and something new. Although, I do know for a fact that I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. I soon realised after reading the book entirely, that the book is worth the saying, as it truly is something new and adventurous.

I was taken aback while reading this book. Maybe it’s because it has been a while since I read a book which had literally no complicated words, or sentences which I didn’t understand. I described it to be something new and adventurous as it had an unique concept about a girl who was very curious about the rain and the monsoon season.

I overall liked this book and the drawings as well. I really loved that the watercolour images were so perfectly coordinated with the words in the book. And that the drawings were so beautiful. This book is a book that I found to be very interesting and I really did not find anything I didn’t like about the story.

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