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For All Our Kids Contest

We were really pleased to see outstanding book reviews from the children! Our goal is to foster literacy goals amongst all children, and what better way to boost reading than to write book reviews, right?

Children from all over India were asked to read books and write us a book review. We asked them to write about the plot and how it connected with their lives. Some responses were funny, and others thoughtful.

And the Winners are…

Class 3:

First Place: Pamela Jothiraj

Second Place: V. S. Shruthi

Class 4

First Place: Mira Sharat

Second Place: Riadin Jesiel R

Class 5

First Place: Amritha Sathish

Second Place: Noureen K. Ajmal

Class 6

First Place: Avyukt Krishnamurthy

Second Place: Snigdha Ahuja

Class 7

First Place:  Aanya Mathur

Second Place: Hansini A. Kartik

Class 8

First Place: Mohulban Banerjee

Second Place: Sanchi Bansal

Congratulations! Our First-Place winners will each receive an Amazon Gift Card for Rs. 1000 and the Second-Place winners will receive an Amazon Gift Card for Rs. 500.

Thank you to everyone for taking part and supporting our literacy project. Why do we emphasise reading? Reading is the one skill that children must have to succeed in school. Many of us are fortunate to have the means and the time to learn to read and to read well. Reading boosts our language and comprehension skills.

What about the children who have limited access to books? What about children whose parents are busy working to provide for their necessities? Who will plant a love of reading in their hearts? This is where we at For All Our Kids come in.

Our very first training sessions for teachers in rural schools and volunteer centres on ‘Fostering Language Development Through Reading’ will start in June 2022. We will share our photos and other information from the training sessions upon completion. Come back and check those out. We will donate the books we’ve collected through our fundraiser at the end of our training session so that they may use these books with the children at their centre.

Children from all over India sent us the book reviews. Many came from students who attend a couple of schools. We want to recognize the language teachers from these schools who encouraged their students to participate in the contest. For All Our kids has benefitted from their guidance, true, but the immediate beneficiaries are their students! Thank you, teachers, for your support.

At this time, we’d like to give a shout out to Anshuman Nagpal, who has been with us from the beginning, even before the contest was announced. An avid reader, Anshuman contributed book reviews regularly from our website’s early months. Thank you, Anshuman!

For those who sent in a book review but were not one of the lucky winners chosen, we thank you for your efforts, and we will be sending out participation certificates to you soon. Once again, a big congratulations to all of the young writers, especially our winners!

Children can continue to send us book reviews that we’ll post on our website. Next year, we will announce our second annual book review competition, and we hope to see more reviews then.

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