Best Dad Ever

My dad is an amazing person! He is always goofy, friendly, and caring. Whenever he sees anyone sad or feeling unhappy, he makes them happy in a second. He makes my sisters, my mom, and me happy with his crazy dance movements without any music playing. In our house, he’s the only white man; everybody else is Indian and he doesn’t mind.

When my dad drops us off at tutoring class, he is so funny. He reads everything he sees, literally everything. Sometimes it’s annoying, but most of the times, it’s funny. When we go to the park, he does his safety dance, then we all start dancing with him. Once we went hiking, and there was a huge tree. We started to do the safety dance around the tree, it was so funny. He is never shy or feels self-conscious. My dad teaches us how to be happy and not worry about what others think of us. 

Sometimes, my mom is away for a few days or weeks. So, we sisters are left with our wonderful dad. He helps us sisters, and my mom by cooking what we will eat. My dad doesn’t know how to cook Indian food, so he makes stuff like omelet, pizza, or hot pockets. Guess what he does whenever he makes omelet? He burns it! But we don’t mind, he did what he could.  So, my mom taught him how to make rice; but sometimes the rice is burned too.

When our mom leaves us with our dad and goes to India to see her family, we sisters always have fun with him. I trust my dad that he’ll never harm us or let anyone harm us. Another thing that is very good about him is that he doesn’t care if he looks foolish when he is having fun. He likes himself the way he is and never judges how others look either.

My dad is the best in the whole wide world! I don’t think there’s anyone like him. I was unlucky that my biological dad was bad, but I’m the luckiest daughter to have such a wonderful dad. I wonder why every father is not like him. Everyone deserves a good dad. I don’t know how someone can be this good. I wish everyone gets a dad like him.

Dad, thank you so much for being the best dad in the whole UNIVERSE!

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