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Do you like wearing bangles? I love them! The shiny glass bangles look wonderful on every hand! They’re so beautiful because they come in every color and they make a lovely sound. Bangles have meaning in various cultures. In the Hindu culture, they’re very important for the bride. Did you ever wonder why Indian brides wear red bangles most often in their wedding? Have you ever wondered why they wear green bangles after their marriage ceremony?

I think Indian brides wear red bangles because red is the color of luck and energy. Not all brides wear red in their wedding, some wear pink, green, or yellow . Yellow means happiness and gold color means fortune. And, married women wear green bangles because the green is a reminder of the wedding.

Not everybody believes in those things, bangles do not always symbolize wedding and relationship. It’s a choice you can make. Bangles can be worn anytime or anywhere.

During the Covid-19, which is right now, I wear them often. They make me happy and makes me think that everything will be okay. I wear them often just to cheer up. Especially, after putting henna and nail polish, they look even more beautiful. Using one set of bangles, you can make different designs! Check out the designs in the picture below!

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